A Systems Analyst (SA) has a specialty in analysis, design and implementation of a system.  They are usually the persons who work with the business stakeholders to identify their needs.  In some companies the role of a business analyst and a system analyst is interchangeable.  The system analyst can:

  1. Identify the technical requirements: The system analyst can review the business requirements and interpret them into the technical requirements for the business.
  2. Design the system flow: Once the technical requirements are identified, the system analyst can build the system’s process flow from end to end. They can ensure that the software’s transaction carries the information required by the business.
  3. Communicate with internal and external stakeholders: As the system expert, the SA can become the conduit to the internal users as well as the software development team. They can communicate the technical requirements required to ensure the system flow remains intact.
  4. Provide documentation: The systems analyst can provide documentation for the user manuals as well as designing the components information to the developer.

The systems analysis phase begins after the business requirements approval.  The key purpose of the system analyst is to determine the system’s requirements for the enhancement or the new system that is being implemented.