Project Management is applying your leadership skills to ensure that the right person is assigned at the right time to ensure that the project is successful.  A project manager can help you to –

  1. Plan your project – this is a crucial step in any project you are trying to implement for your business. When you plan, you set yourself for success.
  2. Manage the budget and execution –project managers track the progress of the project both from a financial and schedule perspective. They will help define and build a comprehensive plan that can be used by the entire team.
  3. Manage the team –assigning the right resource for all project activities is handled by the project manager.  They make sure the skill set of the person matches the tasks at hand.
  4. Remove obstacles – the project manager is the person who will motivate the team members by being the key driver and motivator to ensure the project is successful.  They will work with the team and the business to remove obstacles.
  5. Manage stakeholders – Just like managing the team, the project manager will act as a key contact point of stakeholders and help manage their expectations.

Project managers are the persons who will delegate the project tasks at hand and ensure that the tasks are tracked.  They establish the communication channels not only within their own team but also the key stakeholders.  They keep everyone informed and track all issues and address problems in a timely fashion.