Welcome to CM&A Consulting.    It has been said that 80% of a time in a company is spent addressing problems or gaps.  Our company can help you identify where your company is spending most of its time and increase your profits.    We provide business analysis services evaluating a company’s 3 core areas: People,  Process, and Technology.  Our boutique company can help evaluate each aspect of the way you conduct your business and hone in on the areas for improvement.  We will list each gap for your business and facilitate discussions to come up with the best solution for you.   Why do we look at the core areas?   This helps us identify the: · People: who is running the business · Process: how is the business running · Technology: What is being used to run the business Once we understand your business, we identify how we can work on the areas. For example: · People: Do you more staff? Should you merge two roles? Should you create a new role? Do you need to provide training to your staff? · Process: Can steps in your business be reduced? Do we need more steps to catch errors? Do we need a new process to handle exceptions? · Technology: Do you need a new spreadsheet to record data? Do you need to consolidate some of the emails being sent out? Do you need new software?