Change Management deals with the fundamental issues of the managing change with the human factor involved.  Our consultants understand that for any implementation of any business change, the people must be involved and informed to make the change successful.  The Change Management(CM) Advisor is the role with the skillset to ensure that the change is successful.  The role of a Change Management Advisor can:

  1. Define the change: This is a key aspect of any change. We may know what the end solution will look like but the CM Advisor can document the change and ensure that all the key decision makers understand what the change will be for the organization
  2. Determine the change plan: The change plan helps in addressing how the change will be handled for all the stakeholders. The change plan also defines any risks and issues that could occur with the change.  The change plan can include the communication channels, and the requirements necessary to ensure the success of the change.
  3. Define the Communication plan: For any change the business must stay informed in terms of what the change is, when it is coming, how everyone will be impacted by the change; these are defined and documented by the CM Advisors.
  4. Plan and monitor the implementation: Here the CM Advisor is ensuring that the implementation is according to the defined plans and they monitor the execution of the engagement and communication. This can include training, information sessions, communications etc.

There are many other skills a Change Management Advisor can bring to your organization and the key one is that they deal with the human aspect which is a key success factor.